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Private Label

Rufel is a renowned company in the luggage and leather goods production sector, which stands out not only for its high quality product line, but also for its Private Label service. This service allows other brands and companies to explore exclusive business opportunities, leveraging Rufel's experience and manufacturing excellence to create personalized and exclusive products.

We have a long history of producing bags and leather goods, which has given us in-depth knowledge in design, materials, production processes and quality control. By choosing to use Rufel's Private Label service, brands can capitalize on this experience without the need to build their own manufacturing infrastructure.

The main advantage of choosing Rufel for Private Label production is the ability to create tailor-made products according to the specifications and unique requirements of each brand. This includes the selection of high-quality materials, custom designs, logo printing and other details that highlight the brand's identity. Rufel offers flexibility to meet a variety of needs, from small emerging businesses to established brands looking to expand their product line.

Furthermore, Rufel prides itself on its ability to maintain high quality standards and reliable delivery times. Whether producing bags, wallets, belts or other leather goods, the company is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Their team of experts works closely with each client to ensure that Private Label products meet expectations in terms of design, quality and functionality.

Creative Design and Planning

Our team creates innovative models, balancing style and functionality.

Selection of Quality Materials

We choose genuine leather and sustainable materials for durability.

Craft Production Process

Experienced craftsmen cut and assemble each wallet with precision.

Strict Quality Control

Each piece undergoes rigorous testing to ensure excellence.

private label


Rufel strives to be a reliable, long-term partner for brands looking to expand their product line or outsource production. Its reputation for excellence in the luggage and leather goods sector makes it an ideal choice for companies looking to offer high-quality, personalized products to their customers.

With Rufel as a Private Label partner, brands can stand out in the market, offering exclusive products that reflect their unique vision and values.