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The Rufel Foundation

Founded in 1975 as a renowned company manufacturing women's bags and leather goods, our brand experienced an exciting transition phase under the leadership of the founder's two daughters, Carina and Ivânia Santos.

The founder, Rufino Santos, left a remarkable legacy, and his daughters are determined to continue and expand this success story.

Rufino Santos, a master craftsman with an unparalleled passion for creating leather luggage and accessories, laid the foundation for what has become a brand recognized for its quality craftsmanship and unique design.

His vision and dedication have earned the trust of loyal customers over the years, and now his daughters are ready to carry that heritage forward.

Carina and Ivânia Santos bring with them a unique combination of respect for the company's traditions and a modern vision to meet the constantly evolving demands of the market.

They inherited their father's passion for high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, keeping the brand rooted in the excellence that has always characterized it.

Furthermore, Rufino's daughters are committed to driving the company into the future, maintaining respect for artisanal techniques and the quality of products.

They have ambitious expansion plans, including exploring new markets and introducing innovative designs that meet the varied needs of their customers.

The company, now managed by Carina and Ivânia Santos, is ready to write a new chapter in its success story.
With a combination of tradition, passion and modern vision, they are determined to take the brand to even greater heights, keeping alive the essence that has made it so appreciated over the years. The future is full of promise, and our brand will continue to delight and serve its customers, maintaining the excellence and love of craftsmanship that define it.