Rufel Story

Rufel is a fashion company that manufacture bags and accessories for men and women, born in 1975 in São João da Madeira.

Always in the family business, Rufel, is not indifferent to his success, changing in 2015 from basic facilities to  the industrial zone of São João da Madeira, facilitating access to his customers and increasing the quality of their production.

Perfectionists will materials selection until the creation of the article, the bags are manufactured by handcraft, are distinguished not only by the quality of the leather but also the durability of your product.

With a strong  presence in the domestic market and more of 90% of his production for the international market, Rufel position herself as one of the strongest Portuguese brand.

Rufel also provides more than 40 jobs contributing directly to the economic development in Santa Maria da Feira.

The image is yours, Rufel just adds the accessories.